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Bring a team

Teams come from all over the United States to work with Revive Ecuador. Groups of all sizes and skills are able to serve communities throughout Ecuador and point them to Jesus.  There are many different activities your team can participate in, and each trip can be customized. You can even participate in fun excursions to experience the local culture. Find out more below! 

Make a Donation

Most communities we serve experience a severe lack of resources.  Families work very hard to bring home just a few dollars per day.  The churches that provide outreaches to their communities struggle to provide for everyone’s needs.  Supporting through a financial gift makes an incredible impact on families, churches, and communities! Funds help purchase food for feeding programs, clothing for children and families, construction supplies to build facilities, school uniforms and supplies for needy children, and much more. 


Our teams prepare an exciting week of VBS for churches in the community. We reach an average of 300 children per trip, many of whom lack adequate food and shelter.  Connecting them with a local church through VBS gives them access to resources for their families. 


We work with churches to construct new facilities like kitchens, bathrooms, classrooms, and dining halls.  These projects allow them to reach their communities through feeding programs, Sunday services, family outreach, and much more.

medical clinics

Quality medical care is something that many people in our communities lack.  Teams that host clinics make an impact on hundreds in the area by treating a range of issues from routine illnesses to screening for serious health problems.

Meet the Calverts

Ronnie and Nanny Calvert live in Quito with their daughter Sophi.  They are passionate about equipping churches with resources to reach their community in creative ways.  They have a heart for children and teenagers, and desire to help them learn and grow in Christ.


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