Vacation Bible School

Each mission team prepares and brings their own VBS activities for the week. You can plan on ministering to approximately 300 children during this time.  There is also an opportunity to participate in a daily prayer walk where you meet people from the local community.  VBS is a great way to help the local church reach their community!


Your mission team will help churches with much needed construction of new facilities like classrooms, kitchens, dining halls, bathrooms, etc.  All of the construction will be working with concrete.  Your team will be mixing and pouring concrete, laying block, tying rear for columns, and other activities.  

Medical Clinic

Medical teams are able to treat the children and adults from the church and surrounding community.  It is difficult for these people to get access to quality medical care.  The team usually treats for parasites, skin infections, and other common illnesses.  Each team is usually able to treat 200-500 children, depending on the size of the medical team.

Bring Your Team

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of the trip?

Individual cost starts at $975.00 (price subject to change)

Price includes lodging, meals, bottled water, private bus, translators, travel medical insurance, taxes, and tips for the hotel.

Please note: Airfare, passport, excursions, or any additional optional trips to restaurants are not included.

How do I host a construction project?

The cost of a construction project is $2,000.00 per team. We work with local churches to determine the best way of improving their facilities to reach the community and will coordinate purchasing supplies before you arrive.

We will have skilled local workers to lead the project, so any skill level can join the construction team. 

Teams who do not host a construction project do not have to pay the construction fee. 

How do I host a medical project?

The cost of a medical project is $400.00 to hire an Ecuadorian doctor for the week, $200.00 per each additional translator that is needed, and $200,00-3,000.00 in medical supplies that you will need to purchase and bring with you. Medicine can be purchased through

How long is a trip?

The typical length of a trip is 8 days: Saturday to Saturday.  Trips of different lengths may be available. Extra days are $100.00 per person

What type of lodging can i expect?

Revive Ecuador partners with local hotels to provide safe and clean lodging during your stay.  Teams working in Quito stay at Hotel Amaranta, and teams working in Uyachul stay at Hysteria Alemana. Rooms typically house between 2-4 people with a private bathroom.  There is electricity, running water, and access to WIFI (availability subject to change).


You can purchase your airfare for a group of 10 or more people through:

Gordon Moody

Phone: 800-235-8795


You may also use a travel agent of your choosing.

All flights use the Quito International Airport (UIO)


What is a typical week's schedule?

A typical week’s schedule is as follows: 


Saturday Night: Arrive late and transfer to hotel

Sunday: Breakfast and lunch at hotel. Church in the morning. Afternoon prepare for VBS and rest if needed. 


7:00am Breakfast

7:45am Leave for project site

8:00am Prepare for VBS, Construction, & Medical

12:00pm Lunch at project site

4:00pm Return to hotel

5:00pm Dinner at hotel

Saturday: Breakfast at the hotel, excursion, lunch in town, dinner at hotel, and leave for airport


What type of excursions are available?

We love taking teams on excursions to experience the unique culture of the communities they are serving. Some examples include

-Middle of the World: museum at the equator

-Teleferico: cable car ride up a mountain

-Old Town and Basilica: historic area of Quito and a large cathedral 

-Otavalo Market: large market with local items and souvenirs available

-Zip Line: large zip line in the tree tops

The cost of an excursion is $30.00-50.00 per person

Are there requirements for my passport?

All travellers must have a valid US passport to enter Ecuador.  Your passport CAN NOT expire within 6 months of your departure date, or you will be denied entry. Please renew your passport if this is the case.  Each person should make 2 copies of their passport photo page. Leave one copy with a family member in the US and bring the other copy with you. 

What type of vaccines do I need for this trip?

No vaccines are required at this time

Do I need Travel Medical Insurance?

While traveling,  your team will be provided with international travel medical insurance.  Each person has a $50,000 policy with a $250.00 deductable.  The fee for this is included in your per person cost. 


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